Project “Sterilized cat – healthy life!” 2nd stage

The 2nd stage of the project “Sterilized cat – healthy life” was completed, which is financed by the Boris and Inaras Teterev Foundation with the support of the Daugavpils County Council. And we want to share with you the results of our activities.

Within the framework of the project, the following activities were carried out – registration of stray cats, marking (tattooing), vaccination against rabies, sterilization of cats, castration of cats, 24-hour inpatient care of cats, deworming (deworming), disinsection (treatment against insects-parasites). After that, all the animals returned safely to their habitats. The implementation of these activities involved volunteers (local residents) who took animals from the veterinary clinic after the manipulations, some of the volunteers also brought cats to the clinic. The animal catcher went to places inhabited by colonies of stray cats, where there were fearful or aggressive cats.

In one outing, we managed to catch 1-8 cats and take them to the veterinary clinic. The efficiency of the catch depended on weather conditions, as well as coordination of cooperation with volunteers who take care of the cats. If the animals were prepared (not fed 24 hours before the capture), then the capture was more efficient.

As a result, the following were sterilized during this period: Krauj (Naujene Parish) – 1 cat; In summer village Laukuciems (Naujene parish) – 2 cats and 2 cats; in Vasarnīci village Michurinets (Kalkūnu parish) – 13 cats and 18 cats; New construction microdistrict (Daugavpils city) – 4 cats and 5 cats.

A total of 45 cats were sterilized.

After catching the animals, we conducted surveys and discussions with local residents. We discussed the importance of neutering cats and the fact that these animals can exist as a healthy part of society if this issue is addressed correctly. The reaction of the local residents was very positive, they met us with joy and expressed their gratitude for the work done, which resulted in the reduction of the uncontrollable proliferation of stray cats in a geometric progression. Information about the project spreads quickly in Daugavpils region, and we receive many calls from people who want to help the shelter, participate in volunteer work, and are interested in the activities of the association.

We received requests from other residents of Daugavpils district parishes to implement similar work.

At the moment, there is information that there are about 15 colonies that were not included in the project – about 150 stray cats and kittens, and this number will increase if similar activities are not implemented. Therefore, we ask local residents to be responsible for their pets and sterilize them in time to prevent them from multiplying out of control! Many thanks to everyone who participated in the project!

Project “Sterilized cat – healthy life!”