DEAR FRIENDS! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! ANIMAL SHELTER 'Second Home' NEEDS RECONSTRUCTION WORK! It is crucial for further work of the shelter!

Reconstruction work requires € 32 108,30 of donations. Let`s help the shelter where animals are never euthanized. This shelter can't exist without the support of kind people and their donations.

«Shelter "SECOND HOME" is asking for support from everyone who cares about animals. Donations can be transferred to the shelters bank account ( section CONTACTS) or via PayPal, or using

Make donation

or by sending short message, with following keywords PET1, PET2, or PET5 (depending of how much you want to donate - 1, 2 or 5 euros) on short number 144.

Further information on in the ABOUT US - OUR PROJECTS - 2017 section or contact us via e-mail  




How to help ownerless dog and cat shelter: ?

The biggest help that you can provide to ownerless dog or cat is to decide to become its owner. But if you are not ready to do this for some reason while also are not indifferent to ownerless animal problem, there are many different and simple ways how you can help animal shelter, which are described in details in this section bookmarks. It could be animal advertising and photographing, financial help and joining animal shelter events. Food, medicines, dishes, different household equipment, dog ammunition, help with the dog walks and their hairdressing - all these and many other things will be a substantial aid for ‘’our animal brothers’’!
Choose and go ahead!


Our help involves information about animals in the shelter, also about help that they need and how exactly people can help them. Thus we organize events in support and defense of animals.