DEAR FRIENDS! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! ANIMAL SHELTER 'Second Home' NEEDS RECONSTRUCTION WORK! It is crucial for further work of the shelter!

Reconstruction work requires € 32 108,30 of donations. Let`s help the shelter where animals are never euthanized. This shelter can't exist without the support of kind people and their donations.

«Shelter "SECOND HOME" is asking for support from everyone who cares about animals. Donations can be transferred to the shelters bank account ( section CONTACTS) or via PayPal, or using

Make donation

or by sending short message, with following keywords PET1, PET2, or PET5 (depending of how much you want to donate - 1, 2 or 5 euros) on short number 144.

Further information on in the ABOUT US - OUR PROJECTS - 2017 section or contact us via e-mail  




1st way - through the bank account:

That is good for those, who live in Latvia and have a bank account in Latvia, thus do not want overpay commission fee for made up donation.

Our donation requisites:

Bank: AS PrivatBank
Bank account: LV74PRTT0256016821400
Receiver: ”Pet's second home” society
Name of the money transfer: DONATION


2nd way - throught the portal:

Clicking on the link -


3rd way - through PayPal e-wallet:

That is why there is a special - MAKE A DONATION button in upper right corner of our homepage, clicking on which You will directly get to e-wallet form and could make a donation for animal shelter.

Thus there is similar (DONATE) button on our page on Facebook

This way is good for those, who live abroad and/or have PayPal e-wallet.

Thus after You made a donation and wrote Your personal data, You can write the sum of Your donation in Your annual declaration, attaching Application of registration of the society and Non-profit organisation status allocation decision, which You can download on our homepage, at ABOUT US section or demand it through the e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. State promotes such kind of help and will discharge a part of income taxes.


4th way - making donation through SMS:

That could be done sending SMS on the short number 144 with a short text PET1, PET2 or PET5 that depends on the sum, which You would like to donate - 1, 2 or 5 EUR.
This way is good for those, who can not donate in other way because of any reason, but want to help animal shelter. While a part of your donation will be withdrawn as a donation option service fee.


5th way - addresses of anonymous donation boxes:

  1. Jurij Gridasov veterinary - Ventspils 31, Daugavpils
  2. Veterinary drug store - Alejas street 93, Daugavpils (town center)
  3. Zoostore “Dino Zoo” - Ditton Nams mall, Cietokšņa 60, Daugavpils
  4. Store “Sky Cases” - “SOLO” mall (1. floor), Rīgas street 9, Daugavpils
  5. Store “Ananas” - “Maxima” mall (2. floor), Strādnieku street 103, Daugavpils (jaunbūves area)
  6. Zoostore “Zoobums”- “Maxima” mall, Arhitektu street 3, Daugavpils
  7. Zoostore “Zoo Centrs” - "Maxima" mall, Atbrīvošanas aleja 141, Rēzekne
  8. Zoostore “Zoobums” - “Supernetto” mall, Rīgas street 120, Jēkabpils
  9. Zoostore “Zoobums” - “Nodus” mall, 1905.gada street 8a, Koknese
  10. Zoostore “Zoobums” -“Elvi” mall, Mālkalnes prospekts 3, Ogre
  11. Zoostore “Zoobums” - “Maxima” mall, Rīgas street 46, Valmiera
  12. Zoostore "Dzīvnieku preču veikals" - Višķu technical school, 1-22, Višķu parish, Daugavpils county

If You do the shopping in some of these places and see marked box with our organization’s name on it, then You can surely donate for our shelter. We made the partnership agreements with all these above-mentioned places and this is huge support of our shelter! Anonymous donation boxes are placed only at above-mentioned places and also during any of organization’s official events. All other cases can be a fraud! Please, inform us about such cases calling on 29790219 number or writing on our e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!



Our help involves information about animals in the shelter, also about help that they need and how exactly people can help them. Thus we organize events in support and defense of animals.