Info and documents

“Otrā Māja Dzīvniekiem” Organization began its activity on May 20, 2010. Our organization obtained the status of a public benefit organization on February 14, 2013.

Our mission.

To work actively to ensure that as few animals as possible appear in the streets and enter shelters. We are sure that it can be achieved through sterilization, chipping and education in schools.

The main objective of our organization is:

  • Assistance to homeless, sick and/or injured domestic and wild animals;
  • Prevention of reproduction of stray animals in the most humane way;
  • Education among the local population on issues of animal welfare and humane treatment of animals;
  • Education among the local population on issues of proper care and feeding of pets and the right attitude towards wild animals;
  • Help in establishing contact between a person and a pet;  

Our objective is also to spread information about animals in distress, about the help they need, about how people can help them. We also carry out campaigns and events aimed at helping animals and protecting them.

On April 12, 2014, our organization founded the animal shelter “SECOND HOME”, which is located in the Daugavpils municipality, the Demene parish, near the village of Januets.