ID – 1735

When entered shelter – 08/09/2017

Breed – crossbreed 

Sex – male

Age – 08.09.2010

Colour – black 

Height – big

Any peculiarities – big cured wound on neck

Behaviour characteristics – good security providing dog, doesn’t trust strangers.

How it got into the shelter – after owner passed away got abandoned.

Desirable keeping conditions – kennel, walk on lead.

Feeding habit –  with pleasure eat porridge with meat, dry food

At this moment is –  at the animal shelter “Second Home”.

Curator’s/shelter’s phone number – (+353) 899506708 ( in english language )

POLKAN is vaccinated with complex  and rabies vaccine, neutered, had treatment against worms and fleas. Polkan is a seriou boy, who doesn’t enjoy handling. Even though he is quite independant boy, he becomes like a little puppy when it is time for a walk on lead. He loves long walks. Sadly, his owner’s inheritors dumped Polkan on the street as soon as sold the property of his owner, who passed away. But this doggy still wants to live, he needs attention and care.

We are looking home for Polkan, where his future owners will be able understand his personality and will treat him with respect and understanding. As he knows how to loudly bark, he could be a good addition to a farm because he will always warn his owner if there are visitors approaching. The most suitable family – without children. 

If you liked Polkan and you are ready to adopt him, call us and come see him!  If you will decide to adopt Polkan you will receive ‘Pet  Card’ which will give you discounts at the Vet.