MO – ID 1502

Name – MO

ID – 1502

When entered shelter – 20/12/2015

Breed – crossbreed 

Sex – male

Age –  23.07.2015

Colour – black and gray

Height -medium 

Any peculiarities – no

Behaviour characteristics – worried and shy.

How it got into the shelter – as puppy who was found in a dich with other puppies. His mother was a stray dog which was straying many years and didn’t come near people.

Desirable keeping conditions – indoors, walking – on the leash.

Feeding habit –  with pleasure eat porridge with meat, dry food

At this moment is –  at the animal shelter “Second Home”.Curator’s/shelter’s phone number – 29790219, 20045442.

Mo is quite a shy and worried boy. He is still very suspicious about handling. Loves walking on leash. He is quite independent boy, who with big pleasure will watch you from the distance. He doesn’t really like hugs and too much attention.

MO is vaccinated with complex  and rabies vaccine, neutered, had treatment against worms and fleas.

Mo feels better in the presence of calm people who approach him with yummy treat. Gets excited when sees the bowl with food and sometimes even starts to ‘dance’ from excitement!

Mo needs a faithful and patient owner and trainer, who will help him to trust people and adapt to the new family. The most suitable family would be the one with few people, without children and not noisy.

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