Bim is a senior dog, at a very respectable age. When he was admitted to the shelter, Bim was almost eaten alive by a skin mite – Demodex. He could barely walk due to chronic joint inflammation and was very weak.

After the death of the owner, thanks to the help of some local residents, he managed to survive, eating in one place or another. Bim’s look caused disgust for many people and a wish to push the dog away.

Now Bim has a chance to live his life and spend his old age with dignity, good nutrition, care and receiving the necessary medicines.

For this he needs your help!

In the shelter, Bim was treated against parasites that tormented him and received first aid and treatment. To continue treatment and to provide continuous care for Bim in the shelter,  5 euros are needed per day.

Bim is a very old dog. Nobody knows how long he has left to live in this world … Bim most likely has no chance to be adopted … With such bad undercoat he will not survive outdoors …

Is Bim worthy to live? Is € 5 too much for you to keep Beam alive in the shelter?

The shelter does not receive any funds for Bim’s care neither from the state nor local council, so we are asking for your help. If you also believe that everyone is worthy to be rescued, if possible, support Bim’s life in the shelter. Just 5 euros will give him a chance for another lucky day!

You can support old man Bim with a donation:

Bank: AS Swedbank

IBAN: LV04HABA0551049554723


Name: Biedrība «Otrā māja dzīvniekiem»

RE:  For Bim

Only 5 euros a day are needed to give him a chance.

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Beam’s description:

ID – 2023

When he entered shelter- 09/08/2020

Breed – mongrel

Gender – male

Approximate date of birth – 09/08/2004

Color – white

Size – medium

Height  – 50 cm

Special signs – one ear floppy

Behavior – very friendly to absolutely everyone – to people, dogs, cats. Gets along well with children

How did he get to the shelter – found on one of the roads exhausted and sick

Desirable conditions for keeping – a well-insulated kennel with a warm dog house

Feeding – soft food or soaked dry food (since there are almost no teeth)

At the moment he is – in the animal shelter “SECOND HOUSE”.

Curator / shelter phone – +37120045442; +37120045442

In the shelter Bim also got chipped, was given the necessary vaccinations and a passport.

You can also bring for Bim:

canned food



oatmeal rice

Please, call in advance before bringing donations +371 20042442.

Every day in the shelter work trained staff to care for Bim’s and other shelter resident’s health. Every day they clean the kennel, feed animals and change the bedding.

Volunteers, in their free time from their main work, can offer their help – take Bim for a walk or help to wash him. To do this, you need first to agree on a visit by phone +371 20045442. You can become a volunteer after undergoing preliminary instructions on safety measures and internal rules of the shelter.

If your heart though tells you that you still can give to Bim a loving shelter and provide care and attention in your home – please fill out the form by clicking the button below:

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