Temporary pet home

Conditions and benefits for temporary homes:

– You take to your place an absolutely healthy, vaccinated, sterilized, ready-to-adopt pet!
– It is already on the site of the center in advertising!
– You can also immediately join the advertisement of the pet so that he finds a real home!
– We will help you find a pet that you can handle!
– At any time you can return the pet back to the shelter if you have any difficulties with its maintenance!
– We provide the pet with food and other means of care while you have it!
– You will enjoy communication with the pet, it will brighten up your everyday life, you will help him to socialize even more in the house with a person, new photos with you and recommendations to the pet from you will help the new owner to quickly find contact with him!

Call if you can help – +37120045442 or +37129790219! We really need you!