Things and goods

Friends, the shelter always needs help with simple things…

If we can’t take them all home, then let’s at least help them arrange a warm, cozy and safe life in the shelter! It’s so simple! And your coverlet will then warm some baby in the Christmas frost …

Surely you have at home things you don’t need that the shelter needs so much!

Take a look at this list – maybe you could share any of the following with us?:

Blankets, bedspreads. Used for warming sleeping places in animal enclosures. It is very important that the blankets are without any fillers, as dogs tear them, and after washing they roll up and become unusable. Relevant in winter!

Cotton fabrics (sheets, pillowcases). They are used for household needs and in an insulator, as a disposable bedding;

Towels. Used for household needs

Collars, leashes and harnesses for large, medium and small dogs

Cat scratching posts

Sleeping baskets

Toys for dogs and cats

Sawdust pellets (possible in bags of 10-15 kg; those used for heating, but light in color (Bio)). We use it as a filler for cat litter boxes and for the firebox.

Sawdust (waste from the sawmill). You can bring in bags of 25-30 liters or more. Needed for bedding for animals. Relevant in winter!

Dry food and canned food for dogs. ! It is important that the food is non-colored and caters for pets with digestive problems, small, adult and older animals.

Dry food and canned food for cats. ! It is important that the food is non-colored and targeted at pets with digestive problems, small, adult and elderly animals. Food for adult cats should be marked: for sterilized! Food and canned food for small kittens is very necessary. Powdered milk for feeding kittens.

Vegetable oil (can be in jars of 5 liters). We add it to drinking water for dogs so that the water freezes more slowly. Relevant in winter!

Compound feed for hares (rabbits). An injured wild hare lives in the shelter.

Bird food (balls). There are trees and a garden on the territory of the shelter, where we hang food for wild birds. Relevant in winter!

We also always need:

Detergents: for dishes, liquid soap, for floors, liquid detergent

Disinfectants: for fabrics (e.g. Belizna), for hands

Gloves: disposable nitrile size M, reusable utility size M

Washcloths for dishes

Equipment (water jets, spray bottle)

Brushes and mops (for mop 40 cm) for cleaning floors

* You can bring donations to the animal shelter – adoption center “OTRĀ MĀJA” any day from 9.00 to 16.00. Donations are requested to be placed on pallets specially installed for this purpose, which are located next to the shelter building, near the main entrance.

Important information for visitors!

The reception of visitors is limited in the shelter, as all the staff are busy with daily work, which is planned in advance.

If you wish to be given a tour of the shelter, then this should be agreed in advance. The minimum donation for the guided tour is EUR 4.00 per person.

The shelter can be visited from the inside only in order to:

1. adopt an animal by filling out a questionnaire for it in advance;

2. bring the animal to a planned operation;

3. bring a homeless animal that needs veterinary care;

4. come to the scheduled excursion;

The shelter accepts by appointment only.

We understand that those who bring treats to animals want to communicate with them. However, for the quality and organized work of the shelter, we ask us to understand and not be upset if you are denied.

At the moment, we have only 3 people working for the entire shelter every day, so we need a clear and planned working day.

The planned excursion and your donation will help and support the work of the shelter!

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Many of the above and other needs of the animal shelter – adoption center “OTRĀ MĀJA” can be provided with financial assistance, which is described in more detail HERE