Financial help

Help us by donation!

There are several ways how you can help us:

1. Via bank transfer

In this type of donation we will receive all amount of donation made (unlike e.g. PayPal takes transfer commission fee, so we receive less than actual donation amount)

Our requisites:

Bank: AS Swedbank
Account number: LV04HABA0551049554723
BIC / S.W.I.F.T. kods: HABALV22
Receiver: Shelter «SECOND HOME»
Purpose of payment: DONATION

2. PayPal

For this option of donation we created this button, you can just click on it and donate.

3. Sending a message

For making a donation using this option, you just need to send message to number 1881 with text PET2 (donate 2€), PET5 (donate 5€) or PET10 (donate 10€).

Please keep in mind that operators takes some fees, amount depends on operator!

4. Donation boxes placed in several places

  • Veterinary clinic Jurija Gridasova — Ventspils iela 31, Daugavpils
  • Veterinar pharmacy — Alejas iela 93, Daugavpils
  • Pet Shop “Dino Zoo” — PA Ditton Nams, Cietokšņa 60, Daugavpils
  • Shop “Sky Cases” — PA “SOLO” (1th floor), Rīgas iela 9, Daugavpils
  • Shop “Ananas” — PA “Maxima” (2nd floor), Strādnieku iela 103, Daugavpils
  • Pet Shop “Zoobums”- PA “Maxima”, Cietokšņa 60, Daugavpils
  • Pet Shop “Zoo Centrs” — PA «Maxima», Atbrīvošanas aleja 141, Rēzekne
  • Pet Shop “Zoobums” — PA “Supernetto”, Rīgas iela 120, Jēkabpils
  • Pet Shop “Zoobums” — PA “Nodus”, 1905.gada iela 8a, Koknese
  • Pet Shop “Zoobums” -PA “Elvi”, Mālkalnes prospekts 3, Ogre
  • Pet Shop “Zoobums” — PA “Maxima”, Rīgas iela 46, Valmiera
  • Pet Shop «Dzīvnieku preču veikals» — Višķu tehnikums, 1-22, Višķu pagasts, Daugavpils novads