Volunteer’s help


How to become our shelter volunteer? A lot of people want to help cats and dogs of our shelter, but they don`t know where to start. This article is devoted to you – people, who are willing to help animals of our shelter. When you come to the shelter, don’t be shy: ask our employees how you can help us.

What do you need to become a volunteer? First, desire to help. We ask volunteers to provide us with their identification documents. After signing an agreement, a volunteer can start helping our animals.

Main tasks for volunteers in dog shelters are following:

Dog socializing. Many dogs in shelters aren’t used to people, walkings on a leash and cities. They are shy and frightened. Socializing is necessary so that they could be adopted and so that their new owners wouldn’t return them because of “behaviour issues”. As a volunteer, you have to teach a dog to trust people and to walk on a leash.

Finding home for socialized dogs: taking photos and recording videos (which also involves finding people who can help with technical issues), writing a psychological description of a dog for catalogues and advertisements, placing advertisements in catalogues, newspapers, etc.

Returning missing dogs to their owners: writing and placing advertisements on the internet, looking through advertisements about missing dogs, etc.

Simple communication with dogs: pet on the top of the head or scratch behind an ear.