Become a Volunteer

Become a volunteer at the “SECOND HOME” Animal Shelter Adoption Center!

What does it take to become a volunteer?

Fill out the form: QUESTIONNAIRE

or call the contact number of the animal shelter or write an email to the shelter.

Contact phones:

(+371) 20045442 (every day from 8.00 to 18.00);
(+371) 29790219 (every day from 8.00 to 18.00);

e-mail: or

Tell us about your desire to help the shelter physically. You will definitely be told what is needed for this.

We are in need of experts in the following areas:

Cynology. Tasks:

Socialization of dogs. Many dogs in shelters do not have the skills to communicate with a person, are not accustomed to a leash, are not adapted to urban conditions, are shy, distrustful. Socialization is necessary in order for the dogs to get the opportunity to be placed in a family and then not be returned by the new owners to the shelter due to “behavioral problems”. As a volunteer, your task will be to awaken the dog’s trust in people, teach him how to interact with a person, and simply teach him to walk on a leash.

Veterinary. Tasks:

Regular check-ups of shelter pets, preventive treatments, quality control of feeding, recommendations for care and other tasks related to maintaining the health of pets.


Combing, washing, cutting claws and wool – all this is regularly necessary for our pets. Everything you need for these manipulations is in place!

IT specialists. Tasks:

Help in finding new technical solutions for more successful homepage maintenance, pet records, database maintenance and use.

Specialists in advertising in social networks and not only. Tasks:

Helping socialized dogs find a new home: photo and video shooting of animals (including with the help of people who are ready to help technically in filming), compiling a verbal “psychological” portrait of a dog for catalogs and ads, placing ads in catalogs, on boards ads, newspapers, etc.

Search for previous owners for lost dogs. Preparing layouts and posting ads, posting ads on the Internet, viewing lost dog ads, etc.

Administration of social media pages of the shelter.

Translators. Tasks:

Translation of articles and texts for the website and social networks into Latvian, English and Russian, depending on the source text.