Dog foster

Despite that Mo is still looking for a new caring owner, he is for sure a lucky one who can time to time spend time in his foster family.

It is quite common to fall in difficulty immediately find all the beauty in homeless dogs. Quite big part of them are in a strong need for socialization, they need some time to believe in kindness of people, they need time to learn to enjoy life itself and life near people. Our shelter not only feeds, heals (if need), but also always tries to do our best to give all the necessary care and training, but still it is not the 100% sense as in home no matter how hard we try.

Dog foster – this is an amazing way how to help dog in his/her way to socialization and also great way how to help shelter to change homeless dog life. If you still have a doubt is this really such a great thing for dog – just look at the pictures, where Mo seems to feel just wonderful!