Vivas history

Viva is a kitten that was found in the basement of the Nauensky parish. She was stricken with various fungal and infectious diseases. Her brother, who was found in the same basement, unfortunately did not survive. However, we managed to get rid Viva of infectious and fungal diseases, but so far we are not able to restore her eyesight.

Now Viva is in rehabilitation in the isolation ward. Viva does not see well, but she is very well oriented in space. She has a wonderful appetite and finds her way to the stall to relieve herself. Now her mood has clearly improved since entering the shelter. She became more active and playful.

Unfortunately, Viva can’t see the water in the bowl, and to prevent her from dying of dehydration, we have to mix the food with water.

Now we are fighting to restore her vision, improve her digestion and cure her ears. Viva needs daily care and attention.

When Viva gets a little older, she can be given the necessary vaccinations and consider eye surgery. Now her age and size are too small for any intervention.

You can support Viva with a donation:

Bank: AS Swedbank

Account No.: LV04HABA0551049554723

BIC / S.W.I.F.T. codes: HABALV22

Recipient: Biedriba “Otrā māja dzīvniekiem”

Target: ziedojums