Animal alone on the street..

In case you meet an animal alone on the street and there’s no owner nearby. What actions can you take?

If the animal looks alright and no urgent medical help is needed:

First, contact the local autonomy/government – the police office, city council, district government. Every local council is under an obligation to deal with stray animals issueswithin the limits of its budget. According to Latvian law:
Dzīvnieku aizsardzības likums 8.pants

If the animal is injured and urgent medical help is needed, there are several steps:

You can call the nearest vet clinic or your veterinarian, to ask for first aid, and cover the expenses yourself.

Urgently call local animal shelter, explain the situation, and, if it’s possible, bring the animal there.

In case an incident happens at night:

the only right decision is calling 112 rescue service. The service will decide where to forward your request.

The animal shelters “SECOND HOME” staff is always ready to help if it’s possible. Whether it’s a pet or wildlife. But remember, that the shelter is a non-profit social organisation. And it’s operation depends a lot on your involvement and support. Your kind actions can influence animal lives. We have appropriate conditions in the shelter, but peoples contribution is the main thing.




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