Open-air cat space

Hurray! Dear friends, we finally collected the amount of donations needed for the expansion of cat room! Now we are purchasing all the materials. We hope, that very soon you’ll see how the shelter cats are enjoying the fresh air at their new open-air cage!

Need to collect donations2300,00
Donations raised , EURO:2339,81
Jau saziedots, MATERIĀLI:
Vel nepietiek, EUR:0,00

Paldies JUMS! :

Sigita L.
Galina H.
Liana Z.
Daina P.
Marija B.
Veronika L.
Inita K.
Elina P.
Jelena K.
Liga G.
Veronika M.
Olga P.
Natalja M.-S.
Nadežda V.
Olga K.
Nadežda V.
Olga B.
Iveta P.
Marija V.
Irēna K
Inga M.
Igors V.
Nadežda S.
Larisa V.
Olegs I.
Dmitrijs R.
Jeļena B.-P.
Juris K.
Anastasija S.
Jūlija I.
Irina H.
Marija B.
Igors Z.
Liudmila L
Diana V.
Inta B.
Marianna H.
Marina A.
Gaļina D.
Margarita T.
Inga P.
Santa T.
Monta P.
Violeta G.
Juris K.
Skaidrīte D.
Larisa V.
Viktorija M.
Nikolajs D.
SMS solution
Dana J.
Dmitrijs R.
Nadežda G.
Violeta G.
Sigita L.
Daina P.
Māris K.
Olga V.
Larisa V.
Irina P.
Oskars C.
Agnese V.
Irina P.
Kristaps T
Viktorija K.
Natalja H.
Mārīte N.
Jeļena B.-P.
Olga G.
Alda L.
Rihards K.
Violeta G.
Aleksandrs D.
Natalija M.
Julija B.
Diāna K.
Gabriela P.
Agnese J
Violeta G.
Inga M.
Anonīmi ziedotāji

Cats room in our shelter is 13,4 m2 big. After Rīga veterinary inspectorate visit, it was stated, that according to law, we are allowed to give shelter only for 3 cats here!!!
At the moment we have 10. Moreover, 3 cats are at the isolation room, 2 live in our office, 4 babies with cat-mother are in the baby room, and 3 more are on the quarantine, in the separate crate.
According to this “wonderful” law, we must have at least 5 m2 for each cat!!! This is insane!
Unfortunately, no expalnations or details of this law are available, because the minister, who signed it, had already died. But inspectors understand it literally. Although they admit: “the law is imperfect, but we have to accept it, and you too. If you build a big open-air cage for cats to walk, it will be fine.”
Oh, well… Law is law. And I myself, as a veterinarian, agree, that cats need to walk outside.
So we start a fundraising company, to make the open-air cage and to improve the cat room. We have to be fast, because it’s necessary to finish before Winter. Otherwise there’s a risk of big penalties. Soon we’ll publish the list of materials needed, hoping someone can help us with material purchase.
We can’t afford this all without you. Only together we can help these helpless creatures around us.

Link for donations: (choose the SPONSOR CAT programme, if you wish to support cats):

Video about the cat room today

Materiālu saraksts voljēra uzstādīšanai:

  1. Cements M400 – 175 kg
  2. Terauda stabi 40*40*2 L=3m – 15.gab.
  3. Grunts metālam – 2 litri
  4. Krasa metālam – 2 litri
  5. Betona apmale 1000x200x 80 – 13.gab.
  6. Koka bruss 100*50 – 0,24 m3
  7. Koka latas 100*35 (solis 400mm) – 0,18 m3
  8. Stiprinajumi skruves – 1 kompl.
  9. Terauda sturiši 70*70 – 40 kompl.
  10. Antiseptik kokam – 5 litri
  11. Polikarbonāta loksnes – 25,3 m2
  12. Šūnu polikarbonāta lokšņu aksesuāri – 1 kompl.
  13. Stiprinajumi – 1.kompl.
  14. Silikons – 10.kompl.
  15. Varti 2100*800 – 2.gab.
  16. Durvis sledzens – 2.gab.
  17. Metināts sieta žogs 2*2 см – 41,8 m2

Published by – Žaneta Sosnāre.

Translated by Lydia Breska.