Open-air cat space

Thanks to joined efforts we managed to establish open-air cat space! It is indescribable how happy are cats now that they have the opportunity to go out in a fresh air!

As many already knows, pets in shelter “SECOND HOME” sometimes are waiting for years, until they finally meet “their” human, who will make them happy the rest of their lives. Cat room is for neutered, vaccinated house cats, and now they also have this grate opportunity to go for a walk!

But this is not the only good surprise for cats! Craftsmen were found, who creatively arranged cat rest space and space for cat trays by combining that as 2 in 1! Now cat trays are accurately hided in a stand, bot on the top of the stand are CatNap rest beds. Cat rest beds and stands were given by CatNap as a gift for the shelter. In case if your cat need some bed too, it would be greate if you will decide to purchase from CatNap, as part of your purchase CatNap are kindly donating for the shelter.

 We are planning to install cat wall shelves. If you have great ideas and desire to take part in please feel free to call +371 20045442 or e-mail to

Please, take a look how happy they are now thanks to all of you!

Need to collect donations2300,00
Donations raised , EURO:2339,81
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Anonimous charity donors

Cats room in our shelter is 13,4 m2 big. After Rīga veterinary inspectorate visit, it was stated, that according to law, we are allowed to give shelter only for 3 cats here!!!
At the moment we have 10. Moreover, 3 cats are at the isolation room, 2 live in our office, 4 babies with cat-mother are in the baby room, and 3 more are on the quarantine, in the separate crate.
According to this “wonderful” law, we must have at least 5 m2 for each cat!!! This is insane!
Unfortunately, no expalnations or details of this law are available, because the minister, who signed it, had already died. But inspectors understand it literally. Although they admit: “the law is imperfect, but we have to accept it, and you too. If you build a big open-air cage for cats to walk, it will be fine.”
Oh, well… Law is law. And I myself, as a veterinarian, agree, that cats need to walk outside.
So we start a fundraising company, to make the open-air cage and to improve the cat room. We have to be fast, because it’s necessary to finish before Winter. Otherwise there’s a risk of big penalties. Soon we’ll publish the list of materials needed, hoping someone can help us with material purchase.
We can’t afford this all without you. Only together we can help these helpless creatures around us.

Link for donations: (choose the SPONSOR CAT programme, if you wish to support cats):

Video about the cat room today