Gerda hopes to find a real home no matter what!

01/02/2023. in the village of Krauya (Augshdaugava region), a downed shepherd dog was found that did not have a chip or any other information carriers. She was taken for the first x-ray, where it turned out that Gerda (as she was called) had a fracture at the base of her tail, which means that there are chances for recovery. Despite the eternally good mood, excellent appetite, and the reaction of her hind legs to irritation, they, unfortunately, did not move on their own. Since there was a suspicion of compression above the X-ray section, it became necessary to take Gerda again for an X-ray for a more detailed examination. To our great regret, it turned out that Gerda had a displacement of the vertebrae (a fracture in two places), and this explained why she still could not walk on her own.

To solve the problem, we found a neurologist surgeon in Lithuania. Contacted, consulted, and decided to do the operation. Moreover, urgently and as quickly as possible. Thanks to kind people, in 2 days Gerda managed to collect the necessary amount for the operation, which was carried out on 01/18/2023. The operation, according to the veterinarian, was successful, although it was difficult. At the same time, 6 specialists from Yakov’s clinic in Vilnius were working on the operation. The day after the operation, Gerda was brought back to the “OTRĀ MĀJA” shelter. The road was long … everyone was tired, but in the end Gerda was taken to the place.

Gerda was provided with a 4-week rehabilitation period, during which (as before) the workers of the shelter visited her 3 times a day (without fail, several times a day, they squeezed out urine and turned it over so that bedsores did not form, they massaged the hind limbs , gave pills, and made injections prescribed by a veterinarian). Very soon it became clear that she needed a wheelchair, so she was ordered, and after the rehabilitation period, Gerda tried a new way of transportation.

Now Gerda is completely used to walking in a wheelchair. Before each walk, she herself crawls closer to her and shows her joy to everyone. Despite the fact that Gerda is different from other dogs, she is still an incredibly joyful and life-loving dog who loves people’s attention very much. Gerda can already go to a new home to a person who is ready to pay her attention, and she, in turn, will show how to rejoice, no matter what.

The adoption center of the shelter “OTRĀ MĀJA” is ready to support Gerda until the end of her life. The new owner can count on the necessary ammunition, free consultations of a veterinarian and dog handler, medicines (if they are needed). We will not abandon and betray her to the end. But what can be given to her in a real home – more attention and proper, more thorough care, she cannot receive in a shelter. Therefore, Gerda is really looking forward to her own – a real person!

Requisites for supporting the shelter and maintenance of Gerda:

Bank: AS Swedbank

Account number: LV04HABA0551049554723

BIC / S.W.I.F.T. code: HABALV22

Recipient: Biedrība «Otrā māja dzīvniekiem»

Reg. Nr.: 40008160085

Target: ziedojums(donation)


About Gerda:

Breed – German Shepherd MIX

Gender – male

Approximate date of birth – 01.02.2018

Color – black with red

The weight – 25 kg

Growth at the withers – 55 cm

Behavioral features – joyful, energetic, loves the company of people

Spayed – no (for health reasons, chemical sterilization is recommended)

Desirable conditions of detention – house, apartment

Features of feeding – dry and soft food

Currently located – animal shelter “OTRĀ MĀJA”

Curator / shelter phone nr. – 20045442, 29790219

If you are ready to take her into your home, please fill out the form and call the shelter on the next working day to arrange a meeting.

To better prepare for the arrival of a new family member, read the adoption rules on the shelter’s website. Link here: