Adoption rules

What kind of pet you can adopt and what will be already done for a pet before adoption:

You can take from animal shelter “SECOND HOME” cat or dog. Your decision to adopt a pet is responsible and it will be a big help for homeless pets!

By adopting pet from shelter “SECOND HOME” you are giving a chance for help and shelter for some other homeless animal.

We guarantee that pet:

Was quarantined under health care supervision and no any harmful diseases for humans or animals were discovered.

Was treated against parasites (helminth, fleas, lice, mite).

Was vaccinated against rabies, if pet is 3 or more month old and do not have any contraindications.

Was neutered, what guarantee that pet do not have any sex drive, there will not be any unplanned offsprings, for males it will also lower aggression level, and in case of dogs will also help them to raise guarding abilities.

Was chipped and registered in European database (dog and cat), what will help to find your pet if it accidentally got lost.

Have European passport (for dog) or vet certificate (for cats).

Had core vaccinations (in some cases it could not be done if shelter lacks funds, but in such cases we will notify of core vaccination absence and will offer for you to solve this issue by yourself).

In the picture below you can take a look on price comparison, what illustrates why it is good to adopt a pet from shelter. The biggest part of expanses of animal care are covered thanks to kind people donations. In rare cases expanses are covered by local government institution, if they asked for help to take care about homeless animals.

Почему лучше адаптировать питомца из приюта

Adoption steps:

1. Look for pet in our shelter webpage in the category Rehoming.

2. Fill pre-adoption questionnaire, if you have chosen some pet you like. Button for filling questionnaire is in every single pet portfolio. Questionnaire is a google form. It will help us to understand if chosen pet will be a good choice for your individual living conditions, and also will give us an understanding if you are really ready to take such a big responsibility.

3. Wait for our call. Usually we call during one working day. We will call you to discuss the details and make an appointment. In case if we do not call during one working day, please call us +371 245442 (from Monday to Friday) and ask if we received your pre-adoption questionnaire answers.

4. Please get ready for your new friend before coming to the shelter:  

Clarify size of the pet if this information is missing in portfolio. Get all the necessary like collar and leash, if you want to adopt a dog. In case if you want to adopt a cat – cat carrier must be taken. Make ready a place for a pet in your place of living, there must be place where pet will live and take a rest, there must be all the bowls for food and water, food.

5. In the day of appointment remember to take your passport or ID, money no less than minimal amount of donation* (15€ for cat; 15€ for dog (2 or more years old); 45€ for puppy or young dog (less than 2 years old)

*Minimal amount of donation. All donations are spend for other animals in the shelter. This minimal donation amount also will give a chance to help another homeless animal, who are in need for shelter. Also these donations are kind of guarantee that the new owner is really and capable to provide the new friend with all the necessary in the future.

6. Come to the shelter in appointed time! It would be better if you will take with you other family members, who will also take part in pet care, will be in contact with your new friend. But person, who filled the pre-adoption questionnaire and plans to be the owner officially, must appear in person, we will not give the pet anyone else even if they are your family members. In case if we need to go through adoption process and pass pet outside the shelter territory, it have to be discussed individually. As well in case if pets new future owner lives somewhere outside the city Daugavpils, it also have to be discussed individually.

7. If you are not sure that you will adopt your chosen pet for sure and there is possibility that you will consider to adopt some other pet from our shelter, than please do not hesitate to tell us that. In such case we will not make an adoption agreement but will make only a template and will register pet after you will make a final decision.

8. If you are adopting a pet from shelter “SECOND HOME” for the first time, than first year you will be a holder. Holder means that shelter is still an owner, but holder have limited rights. Being a holder means that it is forbidden to give pet a third party without shelter agreement, it is forbidden to make any serious decisions like euthanasia without shelter agreement. Also during this year you have to neuter your pet in case if you took a puppy or other situations where we was not able to neuter pet before adoption. After one year we will wait for your call and hope that you will tell us a happy story how you became such a good friends to each other. Of course we will call you in case if you did not, to make sure if everything is good. We will not proceed with ownership agreement if we will not be able to contact you and make sure that everything is good. The similar process is in case of cat adoption, the only difference that we will proceed with ownership agreement right after neutering without waiting one year. Anyway in adoption agreement we will specify the date when you have to come to us for your pet neutering. If you want to neuter your pet in any other clinic you can do that, but in this case you will cover all the operation costs by yourself. Also in this case you have to notify us about made neutering via e-mail to with attached photos of passport where procedure and its date is written and confirmed with signature of veterinarian who made neutering.  


  • In case of adopting a dog older than 7 years we will give you Senior Card, which will give you a discount for veterinary expenses in J. Gridasov vet-clinic.
  • Shelter do not give pets to third parties, who want to give pet as a gift.
  • Shelter do not give a dog, if future owner plans to chain it without guarantee to take a dog for a walk not less than two times a day for at least half an hour (MK Not.Nr. 266 no 04.04.2006  p.17.3).
  • Shelter have all the right to refuse adoption, if it is considered that there are objective reasons for that.